Gallatin Customs derives from an appreciation of fine craftsmanship dating back to 2008 for Owner, John Barrick. John grew up spending his summers working on various construction projects, which molded his belief that with the proper tools, skills, and creative mindset, even the most mundane materials can be transformed into functional masterpieces. Since Graduating from college at MSU, John continued to pursue his passions as a builder, mastering positions spanning from laborer to project management. Prior to starting Gallatin Customs, he successfully saw to completion the construction of community swimming pools, critical infrastructure such as harbors and bridges, multi-family housing, and more.

John fittingly named his company after the Gallatins, which are as iconic as montana itself. There are no two mountain drainages or river bends that are the same; yet each one is awe-inspiring and manifests appreciation deep within. We strive for the same results with each of our projects.